It is challenging to make the most of your technology dollars. We’ll do our best to help you implement a phone system that reflects your needs and budget. We offer the traditional phone system purchase for customers who prefer, but are really excited to be able to offer a managed services solution as well. With managed services you can get the newest phone technologies to provide your company with an adaptable, upgradeable and flexible communications suite. Let’s compare!


  • Your new system is purchased up-front. Design and installation are included in the system price.

At this point your commitment to us is done. Warranty work will be honored but you will have no further charges. However, we would love to keep a business relationship with you and can provide at additional cost:

  • Customization tailored to your working environment.
  • Training for new personnel or added features.
  • Replacement of failed parts not under warranty or other maintenance of the system.
  • Major changes or expansions of the system.
  • Technology is advancing fast and you can expect your system life to be from three to ten years.


  • All of your costs are represented in a monthly service fee. We own the system, we pay the property taxes, and you reap the benefits.
  • Further customization – included! When you perceive needed changes, we are there to tweak the system to fit you.
  • Training – included!
  • Maintenance and repair – included!
  • Expansion – Since our agreement is a monthly commitment, the fee can be easily adjusted to include your growth and additional needs.
  • As technology evolves, your system can be upgraded. You will be able to stay competitive with the latest advances in communication.